Any hardware, devise, or non-expendable supplies are the property of you home department. Since Honors College students complete a thesis, practicum or creative project in their senior year, this program in particular invites students to apply who need monetary assistance to complete or prepare for these projects. If you already have some idea of who you would like to have as an advisor, you might drop in and talk to that person during his or her office hours. I’m graduating in December; can I still receive College Honors? Do I have to complete a College Honors thesis, or can I sign up for Honors through my major department? Whom can I turn to for help? The DUR application must be accompanied by a letter of support from the project mentor.

Whom can I turn to for help? Note that the oral defense should be scheduled early in the spring semester of your senior year, that the Honors Committee has to be notified two weeks prior to the defense, and that the completed written work must be submitted one week before the last week of classes. To keep up with all the activities and initiatives in the Honors College we encourage you to contact us , watch for upcoming events , or like us on Facebook. Explain why your project is important. Harriet was a part of a team working specifically on genetic mapping of certain behavioral and cognitive traits that are found in childhood epilepsy.

Junior Year, Second Semester: You are not the only one experiencing these feelings and there are multiple resources available to help you work through them. All above forms, applications and schedules available on “Apply” page.

You will be contacted by your peer mentor in early August. To find out if a faculty member is permitted to be a thesis supervisor, ask him or her or check his or her title in the catalogue look for the section at the end entitled “Faculty”. Stay physically active – find a hallmate who goes to the gym and join them for a run or workout.


Each Thesis Proposal Memorandum comprising no more than 8 pages will include the following elements:.

uvm honors college thesis proposal

Seek out activities that will enhance your academic program: She may be reached atyhesis Susan. For example, the History Department faculty nominate students who have submitted exceptional papers in level seminar courses. The proposal is by far the most important piece of the application package.

College Honors The College Honors program, designed for superior students with unusual initiative and honord curiosity, provides an opportunity to pursue two semesters six credits of independent research under the direction of a faculty sponsor.

It should be developed through close consultation with a thesis supervisor, starting in the second semester of the student’s junior year if possible.

uvm honors college thesis proposal

Unlike the typical research paper, then, the thesis will present and defend a view that is distinctively you own. The Committee will inform all candidates on acceptance decisions. Students are also advised to ask their thesis supervisor, in the thesis supervisor’s email that is to accompany the revision, to comment in detail on the changes that have been made in the revision.

HON is a 1-credit thesis prep course offered in both fall and spring. The student should ensure that the thesis advisor electronically submits the “Schedule of the College Honors Thesis Defense” form to indicate the date, time, and place agreed upon for the defense by the student and his or her thesis committee.

Seniors in the Honors College complete a six-credit honors research thesis or special project in their home college.

uvm honors college thesis proposal

At this point, the chair of your thesis committee will complete the Evaluation of the College Honors Thesis Defense form and return it to the Honors Committee by way of the Dean’s Office at College Street. The thesis approval and defense process varies by major and department. And see how Honors College requirements may be combined with your other activities.

Explain why this project is important, including how you hope to offer an original contribution to addressing the problem being studied.

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By encouraging each student to realize his or her full potential, the Honors College paves the way for our students’ continuing proppsal, ensuring that they are fully prepared to enter into the world after graduation. First-year students complete a two-semester sequence of seminars: The College Honors websites has a list of Important Dates.


Attend your defense At the defense, you will be asked to explain your project and answer a series of questions about it. If you already have some idea of who you would like to have as an advisor, you might drop in and talk to that person during his or her office hours.

Honors Thesis Guidelines

Not later than the second semester of your junior year, you should contact your advisor and, with his or her help, identify potential advisors ubm your project. Defend the thesis in an oral examination a “defense” before a three-person “thesis committee” comprised of the following people secured by the student: Students in the Honors College are required to complete a College Honors thesis.

Proposal should be concise, clearly written and thoughtful: If students complete all four years of Honor College requirements in addition to their school or college major requirements, they will graduate as Honors College Scholars. Furthermore, think of the unique opportunities you will have as an Honors College student rather than what you will need to give up. Thesis due date The thesis is due to the student’s Honors Thesis Committee by April 1 of the senior year. Please collee that this is an “accounting issue” only; students are expected to do an equal amount of work both semesters regardless of how the credit is distributed.

If you have concerns about the size of your proposal submission, please contact ashonors uvm.