It lies in the north-central part of the country. His set out ostensibly on a pilgrimage but in reality these journeys were meant to muster support for a revolt against the British regime. Seven abducted in tension between two tribes. This made him hostile towards the British rulers. If you prefer to suggest your own revision of the article, you can go to edit mode requires login. Lacking military knowledge, he could not command the mutinous sepoys, though he had the satisfaction of being declared peshwa in July by the rebel leader Tantia Tope and his followers after the capture of Gwalior. A major industrial center, it produces chemicals, textiles, leather goods, and food products.

In Nana Sahib was driven into the Nepal hills, where he is thought to have died. That force arrived too late to forestall the ultimate savagery of the slaughter of the garrison on the banks of the Ganges after Nana Sahib had granted them ‘safe conduct’. In , his uncle Chimnaji died, as a result he returned from the northern districts and spent about a year to improve the civil administration of Pune. Black Money in India. One dead, six injured in Dukki firing.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Whatever the case, amid the prevailing confusion at the Satichaura Ghat, Nana’s general Tantya Tope allegedly ordered the 2nd Bengal Cavalry unit and some artillery units esay open fire on the Europeans.

Nana himself was reported to be living in the interior of Nepal.

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We welcome suggested improvements to any of our articles. Nana ‘s father, a well-educated Deccani Brahmin, had travelled with his family from the Western Ghats to become a court official of the former Peshwa at Bithoor.

Black Money in India. A Great Freedom Fighter. General Wheeler’s personal morale had been low, after his son Lieutenant Gordon Wheeler was decapitated in an assault on the barracks. Two letters and a diary retrieved in the s accounted that he lived as an ascetic, Yogindra Dayanand Maharaj, in Sihor in coastal Gujarat until his death in They were assembled on parade and ordered to lay down their arms and after doing so, were fired upon mercilessly by British troops.


But, soon after the ceremony he got engaged in a fight with Haviock, the British general in Kanpur.

Kanpur was recaptured by the British under General Sahev and the last serious engagement 16 July, resulted in a total rout of Nana’s forces. His forces launched an attack on Nana’s forces, and emerged victorious.

Nana Sahib 19 May —born as Dhondu Pantwas an Indian Peshwa of Maratha empire, aristocrat and fighter, who led the rebellion in Cawnpore Kanpur during the uprising.

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Belsare’s book on the Maharashtrian saint Brahma Chaitanya claims that after the lost battle, Nana Sahib went to Naimisharanyathe Naimisha Forest in eesay vicinity of SitapurUttar Pradesh where he met Bhrahma Chaitanya who assured him safety. He studied Sanskrit and was known for his deep religious nature.

Many British writers have praised him for his irrepressible courage, fortitude and generosity. Having joined the insurgents, Nana Sahib proclaimed himself peshwa in Juneestablishing his power in the city of Kanpur and the surrounding district.

He fought the colonialists in a number of major battles.

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His subsequent fate is unknown. Indian Mutiny, – The adopted son of the last peshwa hereditary prime minister of the Marathas, his request to the British to grant him the peshwa’s title and pension was refused.

The third document is the diary of Kalyanji Mehta, brother of Harshram. Some of the Company officers later claimed that Nana had placed the boats as high in the mud as possible, on purpose to cause delay.

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After the death of the peshwa inthe company refused to continue payments to Nana Sahib. However, a few women and children had managed to survive by hiding under the other dead bodies.


Both these battalions had been driven away from their stations by James George Smith Neill column.

On his way, Nana met the rebel Company soldiers at Kalyanpur. The soldiers were reluctant at first, but decided to join Nana when he promised to double their pay and reward them with gold, if they were to destroy the British entrenchment.

short essay on nana saheb

By signing up, you agree to our Privacy Notice. Nana Sahib Dandu Panth c. On May 27, he captured Kanpur and on 28 Juneat Bithoor, he was enthroned ceremoniously as a ruler and a victor. Along the flight of anna going down to the river and also on the high banks on either side of the ghat was filled with people who had assembled in large numbers to eseay their erstwhile masters leaving. Lacking sons, Baji Rao adopted Nana Sahib and his younger brother in Seven people sustained bullet wounds in firing at their van by unknown assailants as the vehicle reached in Nana Sahib Ziarat area of Dukki teshil, they, adding that the miscreants fled from the scene.

short essay on nana saheb

Nana sent a number of carts, dolis and elephants to enable the women, the children and the sick to proceed to the river banks. After the independence of India inNana was hailed as a freedom fighterand the Nana Rao Park hsort Kanpur was constructed in honour of Nana and his brother, Bala Rao.