We have a plan to offer you everything according to our skill. This data is secondary of these companies of Pakistan. The industrial average of sales growth is 1. We are an affordable writing services compared to many other essay writing services that can be found online. The concept of humor in advertising are associated with consumer purchase intentions. Sample size of her exploration comprised of 20 open constrained organizations from fuel and vitality division recorded at Karachi Stock Exchange and time period comprise years

There is negative relationship between leverage and profitability Total population of study is 10 manufacturing sector companies cement sector. However, it comes with greater risk. However, during the same period, national cellular outgoing traffic to cellular networks grew by a sizable Hamada and Rubinstein type models is that it utilizes leverage values based on accounting flow numbers degree of operating and financial leverage rather than market stock numbers level of operating and financial leverage. In both of the above mentioned historical cases, the core reason was fraudulent conduct by the corporate level management. Research Methodology 34 2.

Vigorous efforts were exerted during the year to collect overdue receivables culminating in reduced level of provision required for doubtful debts and thus decreasing Administrative and General Expenses to Rs 8. P a g e 38 Year and year is showing higher leverage ratio i. Leverage helps both the investor and the firm to invest or operate.

This study used the secondary data from annual reports of companies from to Amusing advertisements are moderately more cleverness than non-silly promotions, diversion draws in more clients and more consideration of everybody. Our study on the basis of secondary data, used the sample from Jan — Dec of 10 organizations to analyze and interpret our hypotheses as well our results.


Conclusion The regression model is used to check the factors that influence on the financial leverage. International Journal of Innovation and Economic Development, 1 4 Welcome to the Bahria University DSpace digital repository. Companies in Pakistan 13 1. Broadband Pakistan became the largest broadband service in Pakistan with oversubscribers spread over cities.

The researcher carries out a study on the topic of role of absurdity on consumer persuasion and also fined the reason why humor used in advertisement. Researcher conducted a research in Pakistan data was collected through questionnaire with a sample of respondents SPSS software are used to analyze the data.

Sample is selected from Pakistani registered companies from ISE.

literature review of ufone

Conceptualizing Humor in Advertising: Diversion transmits data more than different calls. Advertisers use humor in every one of five ISSN: A company with much more debt tha n equity is generally called “highlyleveraged. Jokes that hit excessively near and dear frequently bring about dissatisfaction or distress as opposed to giggling Rreview, As time passed and new technology developed communication system has also developed.

Good will estimation, appears to assume a noteworthy part in the adequacy of various diverting promoting in light of the fact that it demonstrates the significance to have a few critical cooperation Elbers, With this liberalization government of Pakistan decided to privatized PTC and use voucher methodin literaturre privatization that later ucone convertible to shares, total number of voucher was six million that were equal to million shares at the rate Rs. Financial leverage results from the difference between the rate of return the company earn on investment in its own asset and the rate of return the company must pay its creditors Garrison et al.


Ufone in Current Competitive Era and its Employees Level of Commitment

Now this brings another example to Corporate Governance books and poses immense need to improve upon corporate governance practices. In modern societies, negotiation, compromise and judgment are required, not just of those who take on formal political office, but of all of us. They are setting free the spirit of innovation. Theoretic point of view was also confirmed in the paper.

Ufone in Current Competitive Era and its Employees Level of Commitment

There is in-significant impact of financial leverage on profitability which means that firms have impact of financial leverage on the profitability. An Investigation from Cement Sector of Pakistan. Devotion Incarceration and Distraction from Context. But revenues grew handsomely due to 41 per cent increase in international rates, from 6.

literature review of ufone

Song Dynasty changed the situation that merchant were discriminated in Sui and Tang Dynasties. The corporation manages and operates around telephone exchanges across the country, providing the largest fixed-line network. A Gender Comparison in Iran. If creditors have provided most of the funding, they have more to lose than literatuer owners if the business fails.