If you don’t know why you are using a package, comment it out and see if that breaks your compilation. Printers are usually not able to print at the very edge of the paper. This post shows how to display page margins. See the figure on wikibooks site about page layout for all variable names. Hey Marcin, I would expect the line to have the same length as the text.

You can also have a look at the unofficial quick manual , if you like. See the updated code below. This post shows how to display page margins. I have been looking for simple instructions how to modify the headers and footers. How can I make it just give me “Chapter x.

I have been looking for simple instructions how to modify the headers and footers. Hi there, Thrsis can control the vertical space for the header using the commands below.

I have a similar problem but the other way round- the header is written in capital letters which latexx good but I have some abbreviations in the titles of my chapters and I would like that they stand out, i. If we want a page with no headers or footers except for a simple page number at the bottom we would use the keyword plain. List of packages I use:.

See the updated code below. If you’re latsx with this layout you can leave it like this. If we now compile the code you will see that a header has been added to all the pages except the title page, the contents page and the first page of each new chapter.


fancyhdr: \chaptermark empty

In general, cleaning up your preamble will help prevent problems and make them easier to diagnose when you do have them. Hi all I got this strange looking problem. By omitting the content, you thesix suppress it.

latex thesis fancyhdr

Hmmm, why would you not want to use any package? Custom fancyhdr page style: This page was last fancuhdr on 19 Novemberat How to force the footer logo on every page except the title page? It provides several commands that allow you to customize the header and footer lines of your document.

latex thesis fancyhdr

Do you study metallurgy? I know it’s not the done thing here, but thank you cfr, this worked perfectly.

A thesis in LaTeX

Leave a Reply Cancel reply. To get better control over the headers, one can use the package fancyhdr written by Piet van Oostrum. I would expect the line to have the same length as the text. It is easy to let preambles get out of hand. I hope it helps.

March at 8: I try to set the page counters but i am having problems with it. Try to add the following command after your section command to omit page style for your notes page:.


First of all, you need to tell Latex to use the package: Will any body tell me how to write chapter information on right hand and section in formation on left hand on even page and reverse on the odd page.

The reason LaTeX does this is because when you bind the document together, the smaller inner margins will be adjacent and then combined will be a similar size to the larger outer margins.

Here’s an example of how we might customise our headers and footers:.

latex thesis fancyhdr

The possible styles are:. In onesided page it is good but in twosided page it was not good. Do you mean some chapter or section headings contain terms that need to be printed in small letters? Page styles in Latex terms refers not to page dimensions, but to the running headers and footers of a document.

To change the thickness of the lines in the headers and footers we use this code entering a size in points:. Below is a minimal example. This mean that the three columns of white space fancghdr get with a double page spread will be a similar size:.