Hua was under constant popular demand to recognize the Tiananmen demonstrations as revolutionary and against the Gang. History has been actively used in identity constructions and political changes; history has been put in the service of the future, as Mao emphasised, and significant historical events have been reinterpreted and censured along with the ebb and flow of Chinese politics. This is understandable, in that the study of visual objects and signs eventually encounters the limits of language Barthes We illustrate this by applying multimodal social semiotics to view highly securitized sites, those of concentration and enemy-combatant camps. The threat or issue is presented as having identities beyond security threats. Whether or not it had been on the agenda of these organizations, the campaign against them has led to also them engaging in politics and explicitly resisting Party rule, which can be seen outside of China in protests at the gates of Chinese embassies, during Chinese state visits, and in publications supporting Falun Gong see Mo and Jiu for examples of anti-Party opinions of Falun Gong supporters. As we dismantle straw-men we often come to realise that the real things were not as fierce or simple as they were portrayed.

The use of force is morally acceptable, i. The question is what the study of securitization can bring to various debates on political theory or the study of persuasion, legitimization, and social mobilization for example. In the daily routine of political life, apathy is interpreted as active support for those in power. How to do Security with Words: Essential Counts as an undertaking to the effect that C represents an actual state of affairs. On the difference between semantics and pragmatics, see for example Wunderlich or Trask

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Three Takes on the Counter-Revolutionary: Examining the Maoist policy of Here, I relate securitization dlssertation with research on social mobilization and its suppression, and thereby argue that securitization theory has something to offer for this broader field of study. We show that the colour uses instituted to classify and govern prisoners not only structure the inmates socially, but also become vehicles for resisting the security discourses associated with them.


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In Martial Law and the use of force were the means of guaranteeing regime survival, while in the case of Falun Gong the regime relied on bans, harassment, arrests, torture and propaganda, all legitimated by new legislation. Help Center Find new research papers in: The question is what the study of securitization can bring to various debates on political They also condemned the Tiananmen demonstrations as counterrevolutionary. The Chinese online politics of insecurity makes this feasible in a post-totalitarian political order.

In the past, history has explicitly been interpreted to serve the present in China. These stereotypes to a great extent hindered collaboration between the two camps, and also hid from view the diversity that was contained in both poles of contention. Security Studies has been described as the source of some of the most vibrant theoretical discussions in the field of IR Huysmans a; Williams In a totalitarian system all issues are politicized Elo,everything is within the purview of the state, but not all issues are securitized, and not all politics is about survival.

China studies and Tiananmen Square Protest in Propaganda is also used to propagate an orthodox ideology, indoctrinate the mass public and particular target groups among diseertation populace, deceive enemies black propaganda and denounce opponents, foment political agitation and mass action, convey information about party and state policies, and interpret events Kenez Security is a self-referential practice, it is by labelling something as a security issue that it becomes one.

For them security is neither objective nor subjective, it is an intersubjective practice cf.

The article employs the concepts of the politics of technology and regime transition for analysing the connection between political power and the application of technology in contemporary Chinese history.

The analysis dissects the construction of a justification, and thus a legitimization, for the past actions of the regime. Although China is the empirical focus here, jjuha explicated framework can be used to investigate a variety of empirical cases.


Contemporary South-East Asia 10 1: Critical Security and Chinese Politics: WilliamsMcDonald Some poster writers even practiced countersecuritization See Open for examplejustifying their breaking of rules by presenting Li Peng and the Party elders as threatening the future of China. The use of the model in empirical analysis is exemplified by an analysis of the campaign against Falun Gong in the PRC.

Some of the topics studied by both should be kept separate, but there could be a great possibility for overlap. The basis of the legitimacy of the regime in China after Mao has rested on the symbolic order of social unity under Party rule the four cardinal principles toward the common goal of socialist development.

juha vuori dissertation

The core of the research programme in the vein of Imre Lakatos [] is the premise that security is an intersubjective and a self- referential practice achieved through speech acts4. These concepts were used by the contemporary dominant groups in dressing up their power-politics with more palatable appearances. Colours and the social meaning of the battlefield more.

Visual aspects of meaning making and discourse have properties that discourse analysis of written or spoken artefacts cannot reach. Neither the linguistic nor the social felicity conditions of securitization are entirely determining however: Even though the threat was counterrevolution — an internal revolt — foreign threats had to be taken into the argument to make it more convincing and powerful.

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Our explanation for this is that through surveillance and censorship, the post-totalitarian party-state protects its political hard core against dangerous circulation by trying to prevent public discourse on its leaders disserattion key opponents from going viral.

For Buzan et al. Illocutionary logic and strands of securitization: