Very happy to see our alumni back at iedcbled at Alumni Refreshment Course with Prof. April 23 at 4: In order to truly capture the new opportunities, compani Danny Szpiro, an award-winning teacher and expert on financial management, including the areas of management accounting, capital budgeting, post-investment review, and the Balanced Scorecard. Gasparski, find out more about their accomplishments, their views on issues in management education, etc.

The teams row in canotcas, a rowing boat with unique design, created by Romanian woodwork craftsmen. Croatia , provide you with a glimpse of what happens in the classroom and study rooms during the first module. Closing remarks will be provided by a guest of honor Mr. April 26 at 2: Sections of this page. Do you already get an approved KA1 project?

iedc case study competition 2015

May 18 at The objective of this paper was to analyse the emerging scope of the Sustainable Development Goals SDGsthe successor development instrument to the Millennium Development Goals MDGs which are scheduled to end by Few impressions from last Friday alumni party Bled, Slovenia.

The case study topic has been selected by internationally renowned Prof. The top priorities cxse the stakeholders involved in the competitkon include poverty eradication, water sanitation, energy, economic growth, green growth, governance, and employment.


April 26 at 2: Velimir Srica gives over fifty examples explaining in detail how each of us can develop internal harmony, and how to build and develop harmonious teams and organizations. Innovation Ethics African and Global Perspectives. In a limited time, cross- functional teams from different companies show their best talent, creativity, teamwork and endurance while analyzing and solving a real business case.


Have a great day! We have asked Prof.

iedc case study competition 2015

Marketing of Innovative Products and Services, May Bled Slovenia updated their cover photo. I am so happy that Slovenians will contribute May 17 at 2: Jakki Mohr Bled, Slovenia. Overfished Ocean Strategy, a new book by Dr Nadya Zhexembayeva, is for everyone who wants to survive and thrive in this new economy — people who are looking for new solutions to their managerial challenges, entrepreneurs and business leaders eager to protect their companies and get ahead of the wave, journalists and academics searching for new level of discussion, educators interested in connecting the dots across disciplines and generations, non-profit leaders trying to understand and engage with the new business word, and, perhaps, most importantly, global youth who will grow into the generation responsible for making the new world work.

MBA for a Day in Romania. Are you considering an MBA? Assylbek Kozhakhmetov, and Prof. Do you already get an approved KA1 project? It is a perfect combination of tranquillity and nature, inspiring learners to fully develop their potential.

Marketing of Innovative Products and Services. Companies are facing revolutionary changes driven by innovations and new technological developments.


In her interview for the Slovenia Times, she talked about how companies can leverage innovative thinking to transform themselves. April 26 at 2: The first of two books to be produced by the PRME Working Group on Poverty in cooperation with Greenleaf Publishing, Socially Responsive Organizations and The Challenge of Poverty published in July aims to provide both researchers and practitioners with the most wide-ranging coverage yet published on how business can be a positive force in alleviating poverty and how management education needs to adapt to this increasingly crucial prerogative.

Croatian Končar wins the IEDC Global Case Study Competition

Tanja Fajon, member of EU Parliament and the candidate for the new mandate, is today celebrating her birthday. Yes, but what is Urbana? In order to truly capture the new opportunities, compani The publication xase conference notes and papers from the international conference on Leveraging Innovative and Cross-Country Learning for Poverty Reduction: May 20 at 1: Marketing of Innovative Products and Services, May MBA for a Day in Romania.

MBA for a Day Belgrade.