Those students who achieved the lowest classifications had minimal requests from their home network. Results and Discussion – The research showed that interactive online technologies are in great demand among modern universities in the context of the massization of higher education and the academic revolution. This practice, which is common in early education pre-primary and, to a lesser extent, primary , is currently considered the best option, especially in some “referential” countries with successful educational systems such as Finland. El futuro del Empleo. RIEJS, 2 2 , pp.

Secondly, the professorial corps, in which the altruistic initiators are being formed. A strong assessment mechanism needs to be built up to justify the course objectives. The number of qualified and experienced teachers, is highly inadequate. Our analysis of the access logs proved those students who achieved the highest classification were as active outside of university as they were inside. The second way becomes the source of the appearance in the modern world of new totalitarian systems of norms and values: The case-study of the Spanish Region of Extremadura M. Isabel Sanchez — Hernandez

While the greatest academic normallzado on entrepreneurial activity focuses on individual characteristics of the entrepreneur, there is a growing body of research that impact on the environmental characteristics [2]. Finally, e-learning platform www. This project focuses on digital storytelling and peer assessment through the workshop activity on the virtual normalizwdo Moodle.

Khan 1N. Introduction — The degrees in the EHEA contemplate the acquisition of diverse competences by the students, among which are transversal competences. Bogdanova 2V. Padilla 5A. There is still a gap between university and industry that should be bridged, either through a negotiated learning with a direct involvement of companies [1] or in-company training [2]. Sanz 2C.


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It is evident that the university institution can not be left out of the way towards Sustainability [13]. Normalizaso — Inthe seminar was divided in 9 sessions. The system of higher professional education has to train specialists for another kind of activity in a new postindustrial economy where innovations play the leading role.

Sports and Heals, Saint- Peterburg.

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On this scale, a MOOC can offer a better user experience as compared to a standard web-based course. This article will attempt to highlight this issue and reflect on the development of these emerging business and education models and their currculum for organizations, universities and society.

Additionally, most of students agreed when asked whether this innovative teaching approach had helped them to develop a series of abilities, such as the ability of working in groups, listening to others, learning on their own, among others. Medievo y videojuegos, Murcia: Text mining approach is adopted to analyze the reflection logs of college students for detecting the progress of positive thinking changing. This educational approach to graphic notation can be adapted to different ages and educational contexts.

What we tried to prove with this experience was that the use of a pedagogical approach PBL together normallizado a ubiquitous, accessible and inexpensive resource – the landscape – makes it possible to achieve and fulfill the objectives of education to kindergarten children of the twenty-first century, as recommended both by the OECD and the European Commission.

Colleges and universities are also under tremendous financial pressure, especially in the United States, where rocketing tuition fees and ever- expanding student debt have resulted in a backlash from politicians, parents and students demanding to know what their money is going towards.

This kind of course cultivate students with the concepts of Observe Merits and Appreciate Kindness to practice positive thinking in their daily life. Marina Perfiljeva, Doctor of sociology sciences. A second edition of the project was performed in the academic year Brain-Based Learning and Educational Neuroscience: Member of GexCALL research group, specialised on computer assisted language learning, she is a PhD student in the field of teaching and learning English as a second and foreign language.


This fact, can be seen in many educational programs applied in different spanish autonomous communities. Our analysis of the access logs curricluum those students who achieved the normalizzdo classification were as active outside of university as they were inside.

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Pepitas de calabaza ed. Recently the development of resources to support teaching in laboratory courses has been receiving a viate attention from the educational community, especially in engineering degrees. The Moving Car System E. The teachers, with work experience in higher school up to 3 years, state the need of introducing new learning technologies into teaching practice. Introduction — NeuroK [1] is a new e-learning platform which uses the latest technologies and implements new tools that support pedagogical principles from neuroscience [2], brain based education.

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Conclusions — Life Education aims to cultivate students with the essence of education and deeper understanding of life. The theoretical basis of this experience was sustained in terms of the child’s cognitive development, from the perspective of Kieran Egan [1].

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Chechulin 1E.