Aedes mosquitoes breed in clean, stagnant water. Your school organized a recycling campaign. What a wonderful post!! Malaysia attracts thousands of tourists from all over the world. This in turn will affect their studies and work performance.

Write an article on the visit for the school magazine and describe your activities there. Ideally we should aim to try and exercise about three times a week. Our trip to the Sri Delima Children’s Centre had taught us a lot. We should cut down on junk food and oily food. Articles are usually written in the present tense, unless you are writing about a past event or future action. A smartphone is indeed very useful and provide faster communication to the users. Write the date below your address.

While we were having lunch, some of the students entertained us by playing guitars and singing. All living things including man, animals and plants, need water. We have to eat clean food and balanced meals. Explain why recycling is important. If we eat leftovers that are kept inside the fridge, they have to be heated properly to kill the germs.

It is important for students to eat a varied and healthy diet. Books in this genre are full with fun and excitement. Disabled – people who are unable to use a part of their body easily or are unable to learn easily.


In fact, if we do not drink water for a week, we cannot survive. A healthy lifestyle is important for our well-being.

It is hoped that the reading culture will continue long after the campaign is over. Talk about the benefits of smartphones.

contoh soalan essay bi pt3

If the readers need to use a dictionary to read your article, they will quickly become bored with it. While some members cleaned the home, some took it upon themselves to keep the elderly entertained by telling them various stories and listened to theirs in turn.

Outer Space Booth – watched sky – planets – contou – telescope. Unknown 21 February at The diet, contih, health and training aspects of the pet also need to be looked into.

In the north, the island of Penang is a popular destination for those who want to relax by the beach tp3 enjoy water sports. We should drink at least 3 litres of water a day. The children hugged and thanked us and we did the same. Recycling is the process where we recycle waste products into new materials.

Use the present tense to state facts. By sharing information, they pass on their knowledge and experience to others for free. Ventilate your kitchen and keep her away from smoking areas.

Exercising regularly helps us to strengthen our muscles, lose weight and improve our blood circulation.


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Conclude by summarizing the main points Internet social networking brings people from all over the world together. I you do as I suggest, I am sure you will look slimmer and healthier. They have to travel by boat or ferry to the mainland. Negative Effects of Alcohol. Write an article on the visit for the contob magazine and describe your activities there.

Use all the points given in the question.

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It is a composition on a specific topic written for newspapers, magazines, newsletters, etc. Another benefit of smartphones is that online shoppers can shop online contho their smartphones.

If we eat leftovers that are kept inside the fridge, they have to be heated properly to kill the germs. Exploration Club organized a trip to the National Science Centre – a great learning experience.

contoh soalan essay bi pt3

Use the future tense when talking about future events.