If you have any queries or want help finding information, the library staff are always happy to help you. Most of the others were usually referred to by familiar versions of their forenames, which seemed to imply that they might have been somewhat better respected. He was an immensely kind man who went out of his way to help me when I was hospitalized for a serious operation at the start of my second year. Looking through all of these contributions once more, one can see what a pivotal role the school played in the formative years of its former pupils, and today is certainly a day to celebrate that. Such memories — not always pleasent. Then there was Mr McClaine the Housemaster of Marshall house another gentleman and very fair Can anybody remember the teacher Rodney Stone and then spending time looking on the old school photos to see him as a pupil in early years? I recall Killer Reeve throwing me in the shallow end one time.

But what a place it was in retrospect! Dickinson has also been mentioned. This can be through a range of enrichment activities including visiting speakers, mentoring and enterprise schemes Two meaningful encounters per year: Results for summer exams will be available on Student Advantage and statement of results available for collection for GCE on Thursday 16 August ; all those not collected will be posted out that day. Ex RAF — and a national basketball player.

We reminisced about those days! I am the Anthony Hollis referred to in one of the above posts for apparently shouting honework odds during prayers. If you fail to inform us in advance, your absence will be unauthorised. The times he suddenly appeared in the noisy classroom to tell us off about the noise….


bhasvic summer homework

I think he declined. Our Privacy Notice for students, which explains how we handle your data, has been enhanced and you can view this here: Pan casting causes controvesy.

Controversial Policy Forces Students to Queue for Supermarket

He ruled the laboratory areas with extreme authority by voice alone and very military bearing. Chemistry was Dan Tripp, he had a lab assistant Mr Keeble whom he summoned via intercom, being a natural mimic I would request some de-ionised water wherupon the luckless Mr Keeble would appear mid lesson much to the annoyance of Tripp!

Jack Shrewsbury took me for Economics and Public Affairs. Educational trips and visits Many courses involve trips and visits. As to Joe Woolvern we always joked that it was no wonder he could not hear properly with something in his ear.

Wow what a lot you all remember. We want the college to be a safe and welcoming environment for all students, staff and visitors. Next second we were intently back at work while old Patterson would have tirned round with the noise to be slowly covered by a falling cloud of snow chalk…. If anyone does remember me, please say, as I have felt rather left out.

Another fine teacher and role model for those in the profession today. Very laid back and genial.


Do not misuse, neglect, damage or interfere with any safety equipment. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Cars which are not authorised to be on-site may be clamped.

bhasvic summer homework

Again, most other people here seem to be from an earlier era. Subject Review 1 January: Careers team Guidance team.

Controversial Policy Forces Students to Queue for Supermarket – The Buzz

Suicidal thoughts What you say remains private – unless we think you or any other person is at risk of coming to serious harm. BHASVIC involves students in shaping these safeguarding practices and in promoting safety and well being to everyone in the College community. All students complete surveys and you will elect representatives to participate in student voice focus groups throughout the year which enables them to feedback on their experience at BHASVIC.

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I was at the school from By the way, that should have homeqork non-smithies-English in above post. You can find more information on work experience on the Work Experience page here. Introduction to Personal Statements. Baron was the headmaster. Just a few masters: We also manage your print credits and sell stationery. I was caught and disciplined by losing my stripe — deservedly.