How much will Dylan have to pay for all the donuts? What is the greatest common factor of 48 and 36? Find the sum using a number line for the following addition exercises. There is not enough information to compare x — y with her estimate a. Solve each of the following contextual problems involving rational numbers. Student models will vary. Place the fractions on the number line below.

The total with which you end For example, you learned that 3 5 means three groups of 5 units in each group. You may change the expression to addition when applicable. Solve contextual problems involving adding or subtracting integers. Explain your expression and model. I struggle to use that model to subtract integers. For each context, do the following:

For complaints, use another form. She shot 4 under par and Taylor shot 2 under par.

Make a conjecture for the two differences below. Algebra 1, Quarter 2, Unit 2.

Write a context for the following numeric expression: Zach s football team moves the football 35 yards forward on the first down.

Use a model to find the sum for each problem 8 – Will the quotient of Find the product to check your explanation.


Chapter 2 – Student Workbook

Explain your expression and model. He wants 1 of the donuts ibtegers be 4 1 of the donuts to have caramel frosting with nuts. In groups, find each product. Like all number sets, integers were invented to describe More information. Joe found four quarters, but he had a hole in his pocket and lost one quarter.

There they developed the idea of 3 by recognizing that it is simply the opposite of 3. Using bar notation, show 4!!

CLASSWORK – Mrs. Wells: Grade 7

The Broncos got possession of the football on their own 20 yard line. Student should come to 7th grade knowing how to locate integers on the real line as well as positive rational numbers. For complaints, use another form. Her estimate is 0. Double Down Problem of the Month: For example, students will be able to use a model to explain why the product of two negative integers is positive.

2.2a homework multiply integers

Use rules for multiplying and dividing integers accurately. Exponents and Polynomials 5.

2.1A Homework: Additive Inverse in Context and Chip/Tile Model*

Paula was standing on top of a cliff 35 feet above sea level. If I only have 1 egg, how much flour should I use?


2.2a homework multiply integers

Model the following expressions using a number line and write the answer. Letters to choose from: A positive times a positive is a b. Please check in with me.

A Homework: Additive Inverse in Context and Chip/Tile Model*

Integer Division Review concept: Show that a number and its opposite have a sum of 0 are additive inverses. Garcia s 7 th 4 Grade Math class, of the students brought a pencil to class.

Then I ate four apples with 50 calories each. This is a totally new kind of math for you and your child. I always get the right answer when I subtract integers without a model.

How much will Jack pay in all?