Promotions Campaign For every year, CSP will have to do a promotion campaign that will focus on urban area such as the big cities at United States. Current Conditions and Future Directions. According to the American Obesity Association in , it is one of the top leading causes of death in U. The disadvantage, however, is that the price is well over what consumers indicated they would be willing to pay. Primary and Secondary target Through this campaign will aim at both the health care providers and the end consumers. Let Metabical and your health care provider start you on the road to a healthy weight and better life.

The primary target was patients knowledge and the awareness of Metabical products that can help to solve all their weight problems. No prescription drugs are available for this market segment. It depicts that Metabical placed as a leader from the other competitors. Skip to main content. There was no prescription-drug targeted specifically for overweight segment BMI of 25 to 30 was available in Current Conditions and Future Directions.

CSP has assigned Printup to be in- charged of the upcoming U.

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This support program will include reference material such as online weight control tools. The Metabical also will be sold dtatement this road show with discounted price and the customer will get the free e-books that will teach them a healthy life style.

She could then move on to assessing her current marketing communication strategy and develop a timeline for the key activities. This means that Metabical can gain more profit from the total of net profit based on the table above. What are the pros and cons of forecasting methods presented by Printup?


The conclusion is, Metabical can monopoly big market share in the weight loss industry and with the exclusivity for 10 years will help CSP to gain better profits for future.

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Second event would be a medical research symposium that was open to members of the media and to medical professional. During this time, the both targeted group will be know the existing of Metabical in the weight loss industry.

metabical case study problem statement

It calculates the relationship between weight and height associated with body fat and health risk. These consumers were educated females between the ages of 35 and 65 with BMIs between 25 and If we lowered the price, it will sgudy the brand image of our exclusive product in the target market.

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Thus complications from these would only be discovered until individual consumed it. Unless the price is lowered, this option seems unrealistic.

metabical case study problem statement

Example of initial concepts for the DTC ads: We will use various pharmacies to distribute our product use current distribution method used for other CPS drugs. Metabical- all you need to succeed. No prescription drugs are available for this market segment.

Metabical Case Study Problem Statement

Target Market CSP’s primary target market after extensive market research is customers with the following characteristics: The percentage of obese had also inversely related with the education level and income level.

This option also targets other related markets and possibly some percentage of overweight women of other ages may purchase the product. Do not require strict FDA approval. Introducing Metabical — Clinically proven weight-loss drug. Respondents willing to pay for a prescription weight-loss drugs. Other than that, this ketabical program will have the personal support, meals plans, and exercise plan that will help the user to chive their weight goals.


Metabical case study problem statement

Primary statemenh Secondary target a Physician and medical care Both of these two parties will be exposed on Metabical information during the public relation strategy. The disadvantage, however, is that the price is well over what consumers indicated they would be willing to pay.

This part of the campaign would include print ads in leading medical publications E.

Barbara Printup, Senior Director of Marketing for Cambridge Science Pharmaceuticals CSP was appointed in February to be responsible in developing a viable positioning strategy and associated marketing communications plan.

These practitioners will ststement as CSP agents who would prescribe Metabical for the patients. Shed excess pounds with Metabical and discover a happier, more attractive you. Help Center Find new research papers in: The following strategy will apply: Remember me on this computer. Below is the projected profit that CSP will gain from the customer in the first year: Advertising and Public relation: It depicts that Metabical placed as a leader from the other competitors.