Lim on October 11, at 7: And then we need to list up the possible parametric equation? Kim on December 3, at 4: Click here to know the reason Comment Link. Then u can adjust the answer yourself. Click here to upload your files.

Jason Chin on September 21, at 9: Jack on September 7, at 9: Please google for some related info and use it. Wei on October 29, at Thank you in advance. Sir , can your kindly write the introduction , methodology and conclusion?

Subs into the equation of x and y. Please ask your teacher.

Alex on November 3, at Dear my students, please join the my Facebook Group to get the full solution for Question 3 a iii. I am not a school teacher.

So based on the graph, there are two points of intersection. An equation, relating variables x and y in Cartesian coordinates, can be expressed by parametric equations which describe a position on the curve.

mathematics t coursework stpm 2016 sem 2

Essays that worked for college applications pdf rosen do essays need a cover page resume Owen: If you can find the corresponding y. Can you explain more from 3. Please ask your teacher or attend my class.


mathematics t coursework stpm 2016 sem 2

Solve the simultaneous equations. Because there is t in the question. Question is asking can or not. Hi sir, may i know that for the question 3, should i use the same value as you had used for the simultaneous equation and verification or should i use a different set of values?

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Catherine on August 31, at Mathematical Modeling by Stephen. Please discuss with your friends or teacher to get more information of the coursework. November 24, mathematics of wild animals academic strengths and weaknesses essay research papers neural coursework pdf questions writing different types of essays pdf. Ohh…I think maybe i get what you mean…Thanks a lot! Sample solution will not be posted for this semester.

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Sir, is it 2 a need to plot the curve?? Please google for some related info and use it.

mathematics t coursework stpm 2016 sem 2

So I hope to get some information from you sir …. Sir why x must be in positive? Submit a Comment Cancel reply Your ,athematics address will not be published. Josephine on November 25, at 6: Sir,can you tell me how to get 3 parametric equation in Q2a,thx.


I have calculated the values using the range but it seems to be a graph with y-axis as major axis but the other two equations above are graphs with x-axis as major axis. Stpm mathematics t coursework sem 2 Stpm mathematics t coureswork sem 2 Stpm mathematics t coursework sem 2 Click here.

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Thx a lot for your kindness Reply. There are many methods to find the points. Sirhow to find three sets of parametric equation like question matheematics