See more cover letter examples About 7, samples crowdsourced from your peers who work at the world’s largest companies Browse Cover Letters. Consulting Resume and Cover Letter Guide. Focus on the impact you had and the skills you learned that would make you a good consultant. Make sure the content is relevant, interesting, and substantial. I would welcome the opportunity to learn more about management consulting and the opportunities that BCG could afford me in the future. Qualities that make you a good fit e. Avoid an elaborate discussion of your educational background.

You Might Also Like For the complete guide to consulting cover letter tips , click here! Review your cover letter a few times before you send it to BCG. Include your contact information here as well: To simplify things, follow this outline:

Never use more than one page and use PDF format when possible. For the complete guide to consulting cover letter tipsclick here!

BCG Cover Letter

Need to verify email? If you want objective feedback about your BCG cover letter, ask a friend for help or contact an expert.

I believe that both my educational and professional backgrounds have well prepared me for the analytical challenges that are faced in this industry.

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I learned a lot from her about consulting and gained a deeper appreciation for the company. I had a conversation with Sarah Foster, a current case team leader at Bainat the on-campus presentation.


They esemple colleges and universities to find passionate individuals who are capable of developing recommendations after thoroughly analyzing a business case. In this post, I discuss the top 10 tips for consulting cover letters from content to structure to syntax that will avoid embarrassing mistakes and strengthen your candidacy.

Furthermore, it must be free from spelling, grammatical, and punctuation errors. We send out weekly insider updates on the industry, firm profiles, special offers, free lessons, and more to those on our mailing list. Explain Issues If your work history listed on your resume has noticeable gaps, or lehter you are shifting careers, you should explain these issues in your BCG cover letter.

Avoid Extensive Background Avoid an elaborate discussion of your educational background. Boston Consulting Group BCG has been recognized as one of the most prominent consulting firms in the world. Sign up today, and get in the know! Just the best consulting information around.

Sample cover letter for Internship position at BCG

Your explanation will help recruiters understand where you came from and how you can contribute to their goals. A career in management consultancy is characterised by the tackling of a wide variety of business problems using analytical and reasoning skills to provide solutions for clients.

Before you turn on your computer and start typing, think about how you will structure your BCG cover letter. Deloitte – Internship views.

cover letter bcg exemple

One of the things which attracted me to this profession is the variety enjoyed by working across numerous industries with numerous clients and the opportunity to make a real impact in shaping these industries. Trackback from your site. Summarize your qualifications for the position.


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Label and save each cover letter by a firm, and double-check to ensure the firm name, address, and position applied for eg, Associate vs Senior Consultant is correct. My conversations with Sarah Foster, a current case team leader, reinforced my belief that this separates Bain from the other firms, and is my central reason for applying.

Everything must be clear from the beginning; otherwise, you could be instantly rejected for the opening. However, when you do this, explain how your encounter with the consultant has convinced you to pursue a career at BCG. Optional I would like to receive the weekly newsletter.

Researching BCG, I was impressed by the culture at the firm and the way in which it approaches problems. The firm recruits exceptional graduates and working professionals to join their team. The cover letter is a required component of any job application — but often the biggest headache for applicants.

Review your cover letter a few times before you send it to BCG. Cover Letter Tip 2: Make sure the consulting cover letter is addressed to the right firm and person.