Dramatic Floods in Boscastle [image online] Available at: The benefits include new shops built with insurance money, a new, bigger visitor centre, a reshaped car park away from the river and a new flood alleviation scheme. The Boscastle storm of 16 August Human Impacts There was a huge financial cost to the floods. In addition, 84 wrecked cars were in the harbour, see Figure 8, with another 32 out at sea.

This combined with the Valency valley being narrow led to a very high discharge descending into the valley bottom of Boscastle in a short space of time Bull, No flood control system. Meterorological analysis of the conditions leading to flooding on 16 August Weather chart Fig 1. Report Mon 3rd December, The combination of high localised temperatures and the great quantity of unabsorbed surface water plus moist winds off the sea caused a great deal of moist, warm air to travel upwards quickly. The town was effectively closed to tourists after the flood, causing a massive loss of revenue.

Download the adaptable Word resource. Fortunately, nobody died — thanks largely to a huge rescue operation involving helicopters — but there was millions of pounds worth of damage. Flood management case study: There was a combination of human and physical boscasstle contributing to a series of effects and impacts.

Boscastle flood

Boscastle Flood- 16th August Residents had little time to react. This unstable environment made prime characteristics for storm development, allowing cloud water to be retained, leading to intense rainfall, with flod 1, million litres of rain being recorded in just two hours Golding, Clark and May, ; North Cornwall District Council, Animation of Satellite images Flash Player required. This is so good.


boscastle flood case study facts

North Cornwall District Council, Boscastle is a village popular with tourists on the North Cornish coast, see Figure 5. Weather60 8 boscastke, pp. Flooded property in Boscastle BBC, a. The thickest cloud is shown by the brightest white areas on the picture. In addition, 84 wrecked cars were in the harbour, see Figure 8, with another 32 out at sea.

Using the Teachit Geography template, this sorting exercise fadts a framework for investigating cause of, effect of and response to the Boscastle flood.

For example, the red areas indicate that rain is falling at between eight and 16 mm per hour.

boscastle flood case study facts

Slide show of photographs of the Boscastle flood. Widening and deepening the river channel – this allowed the river to carry more water. A line of convergence formed near the coast line, where air moving in almost opposite directions collides, this helped to increase the rate of ascent and produced very heavy rain. The Environment Agency has carried a major project to increase flood defences in Boscastle, with the aim of preventing a similar flood happening again.

Extract The flood on 16 August in Boscastle in Cornwall was the worst in local memory studt an Environment Agency report concluded that it was among the most extreme ever experienced in Britain.

The Boscastle flood of – A case study of cause, effect and response

The entire South-West of the country had faced stormy weather in the days leading up to the flood on the 16th of August, therefore stuvy ground was saturated. Don’t show this message again.

Weather, 60 8pp. The pictures show cloud forming over Boscastle at about 1 p. Boscastle to benefit for years to come from new flood defence scheme and regeneration projects [Online] Available at: In addition, the media coverage Boscastle received resulted intourists from April-October inan increase frombefore the floods, and tourists are still visiting, benefiting the local economy Cherrington, Report Mon 3rd December, The Boscastle Floods [image online] Available at: Map of the area affected What happened to cause this event?


Download the free PDF resource. Physical Impacts Flooding On the day of the flood, about 75mm of rain fell in two hours — the same amount that normally falls in the whole of August. The church was filled with six feet of mud and water.

A Case Study of the Boscastle Floods – GCSE Geography – Marked by

bosdastle About two billion litres of water then rushed down the valley straight into Boscastle. Removing low bridges and replacing them with wider bridges – this meant large amounts of water could flow freely underneath the bridge and the bridge wouldn’t act like a dam in the flood, vegetation and debris became blocked, creating the effect of a dam. Land owners were encouraged to maintain vegetation and plant new trees.